Present for the Intention and the Action

The processes in our mind are often so subtle that we’re unaware of them originating, proceeding, being translated into words coming out of our mouths, or moving our body in some way, or even just moving our hearts. Causes and …


Generosity in Heart/Mind and Body

Typically, when we think of someone as being generous, two manifestations often come to mind – the person is generous financially, or generous in their time and care. Both of these actions and traits are to be admired, and cultivated.…


In Service

Empathy and compassion are natural states for most human beings, and fortunately so. For in feeling empathy towards another we have dissolved the boundaries—even if temporarily—that frequently are imagined to exist between one another.When we are compassionate, we help each …


The Shape of Things

What shapes our being? (If there is even a shape to be ascribed).

What shapes the mind and heart? What is the shape our future, our actions, words and silence?

Many things shape us, from our genes, parents, culture and …


Burning Questions and Things Unsaid

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the potential for self-harm or self-care and the sometimes subtle differences between the two when it comes to questions we hold inside and things we don’t say out loud.

No Harm

In contemplative traditions there has always been an emphasis on non – harming. In the Buddhist and yogic traditions it is referred to as Ahimsa, which means to refrain from harming, or taking the life of any living being. It is one of the 5 precepts that lay people take as gifts that bring freedom and guidelines to intentionally living an ethical and thoughtful life.

Thoughts on Thoughts and Feelings (and befriending them)

Part of a mindfulness practice is noticing our thoughts and feelings as they occur. We train our mind to be more ‘on the point’ of the present moment so to speak, so that whatever thoughts we have we notice them, and if we are feeling something we notice that too. This developed quality of noticing is what builds into knowing ourselves deeply.

The Incredible Lightness of Resilience

Like a willowy tree with heavy, low hanging fruit – I was hooked up and laden with tubes in a hospital bed just a mere few weeks ago. Every drip and every bag contained something that my body needed and facilitated the repair and support for the surgery I had just had. I was tethered and wilted and grateful for the care!

Broken Open

We’ve all been broken and somehow repaired at least a few times in our lives, psychically split and sewn back together. The longer we live, the more there are emotional, mental and physical bumps and bruises, parts that break down and parts that break open. Rather than think of these fractures as flaws or weaknesses...