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This site will lead you to Embodied Mindfulness* in a couple of ways:

This site will provide you with ways to work with Jill Satterfield directly through mindful coaching, consulting, workshops, retreats and public speaking engagements.

What’s New

Imagine with me: On Being a Bowl…

*Applied Mindfulness Practice and Integration: Professional Consultation Group for Mental and Physical Healthcare Providers in Oakland. Bi -Monthly Monday mornings, 9 – 10:30 am. Please write if you have interest in joining us – we have a couple of spots open.

ONGOING: *Embodied Mindfulness and Meditation class in Berkeley, Wednesday nights 7:30 – 9:00

NEW OFFERING: Private *Embodied Mindfulness Sessions that include somatic therapy and yoga therapy postures. Excellent for working with difficult body conditions such as chronic pain, illnesses, trauma and addictions. In person only, in the SF Bay area. Read more…

Interview with Jill in the Yoga for Healthy Aging Blog

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*Embodied Mindfulness is the integration of mind and body, intellect and felt sense – a full embrace in the core of your being of wisdom, compassion and insight.

*Applied Embodied Mindfulness is how mindfulness and somatic awareness practices might be best applied to particular conditions, communities or professions.