Jill Satterfield Yoga

photo: Brenda Van Leeuwan


This site will lead you to Embodied Mindfulness* in a couple of ways:

This site will provide you with ways to work with Jill Satterfield directly through mindful coaching, consulting, workshops, retreats and public speaking engagements.

Under the Vajra Yoga + Meditation tab, you’ll find workshops, classes and training in mindful movement.

Under the School for Compassionate Action tab, you’ll be directed to the site for Applied Embodied Mindfulness for At Risk and In Need Communities, and their workshops and trainings.


Integrating Mindfulness into Your Profession, Monday March 5: 5:30 pm -6:30 pm at the Practice, SF

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Relief, March  17 + 18, Namaste Berkeley 


Embodied Mindfulness and Meditation class in Berkeley,
Wednesday nights 7:30 – 9:00

Interview with Jill in the Yoga for Healthy Aging Blog

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Embodied Mindfulness is the integration of mind and body, intellect and felt sense – a full embrace in the core of your being of wisdom, compassion and insight.